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 Israel, November 2013 (Video)
02/12/2013 12:03:30 GMT
Written by SJ Morris

David spent three days ministering to different Russian-speaking Jewish groups in Israel: Holocaust survivors, new converts from earlier meetings, drug addicts in rehab, young people. David said: 'Everything about the God of Israel is a miracle! Israel only exists because of Him!' He explained Yeshua HaMessiach from Isaiah 53, the greatness of our salvation. The evidence that Yeshua is the Messiah is in the miracles. 'Oh God, stretch out Your Hand over Israel and prove who Messiah is - heal the sick in His Name, deliver Israel, forgive their sin!' Most touching was to hear the testimonies from those who had heard of Yeshua their Messiah in earlier meetings and now are learning to walk by faith in Him:

  • First was Asaf, a young man in the military brought as a complete scoffer to meet David. He told us that he did not believe, but began to follow David's ministry on the internet. Specifically he was deeply touched when he saw an 11-yr old girl miraculously healed in Armenia. Then just one week ago he had a horrific accident at work, a heavy weight smashing the skin and the tip of bone of his little finger to a pulp. The first X-ray showed the bone was completely beyond repair, the only thing was to amputate. But Asaf called on Yeshua for a miracle - and when he was X-rayed the second time, the bone was whole! Now only the skin needs to heal!
  • Second was a Holocaust survivor who had heard David speak on the greatness of the God of Israel. She did not believe what she had heard until she had to undergo 17-hour emergency surgery and was expected to die. But she remembered what she had heard and called on Yeshua and is completely healed!
  • The third amazing testimony was from a father whose son got cancer. He said, 'We prayed day and night and God healed him!'
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