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 God never fails
10/10/2016 15:38:12 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

If you believe God, trust Him until He answers you! When you pray, believe that God will answer, believe for miracles, believe in the power of God. God never fails! I have been serving God for 75 years and my testimony is this, He has never failed me once! If I live another 100 years, God will never fail me! God cannot fail. God answers prayer! No, my life has not been easy, but through it all I've learned to trust Jesus and depend upon His Word. God Himself has said, "I will never fail you, I will never abandon you"; that is why we can say with confidence, "The Lord is my helper, I will not be afraid."

I love to tell the story of Anton; when I first met him, he was a 22-year-old boy in a Russian hospital, dying from the effects of drug abuse and gangrene in his right leg. They wanted to amputate his leg above the knee, but I knew he would die from his damaged immune system. I told him not to have the operation, that God would heal him. I said, "When I come to Perm next time, you and I will stand on the platform together and give glory to God for your healing!" Six months later I was back in Perm, holding a crusade live on TV to the whole region. On the first night I made an appeal to Anton via the TV broadcast to come and tell about his healing. Sure enough, on the next night, Anton was there on the platform with me to give glory to God, just as I told him he would. Anton had believed, refused the operation, and walked out of the hospital - healed! Now he is healed, married, and telling everyone of the power of God!

Anton says: "I want to say to everyone who has a problem. I know what a desperate situation is, I know what a serious illness is, I know what it means to have one foot in the grave. I say this without exaggeration. But I came through it. I want to tell everyone who may have lost all hope and just do not see a way out. I want to say, do not lose hope! Do not lose faith! There is a God! In Heaven there is a God. Jesus is the healer who can change everything, who can give you hope, who can do amazing things that you can't even think of! You can't imagine that He can turn everything upside down, and all your troubles can turn out for good. Focus your attention on God's Living Word. Learn to pray, pray aloud because it helps kindle faith in you. It is like a seed. Take this seed. Read God's Word. And pray to God, believe God. With God, nothing is impossible, for Him there are no hopeless situations!"

If you need healing and would like a touch from Jesus, be encouraged by the message below, which is available as a podcast and YouTube video.

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