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 Only believe - it's not too late
05/12/2016 14:55:40 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

Only believe - it is not too late! If only we could hear the words of Jesus; in your life, in your problems today, if you will only believe, it is never too late. The wonderful thing about Jesus is that He won't turn anyone away, there is no rejection; whoever you are, if you will come to Jesus, He will not keep you waiting, He won't reject you; Jesus has time for you. People may tell you that your problem is too far gone, that it is too late for a miracle; Jairus was told in Mark 5.35, "Don't trouble Jesus anymore, your daughter is dead", but Jesus will say to you as He said to Jairus, "Don't be afraid, only believe". 

Time with God is so important. If only you and I knew the time that God has chosen, it would make so much difference to us! In your life and mine there are many times when we need the power of God to deliver us, but God's timing is perfect, coming at the darkest hour, when the storm is at its fiercest and our need is the greatest. I have learned after more than sixty years of ministry that God always answers prayer. And I want to encourage you. God never fails, He cannot fail. But to get the answer at the right hour we have to be ready, we have to be obedient and God will answer - at the last minute. In my life God so often answers one minute before midnight. One minute before the crisis erupts. We have many kinds of problems, many different needs, but I believe in miracles, do you? There can be miracles when you believe. 

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