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 Day of Prayer for Britain
19/01/2018 15:39:07 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

Join us for a Day of Prayer for Britain: Praying over Brexit, Unity and Reformation in the Church, on Friday 23 March, at Emmanuel Centre. 

I feel strongly in my spirit that we must have another Day of Prayer for Britain. I believe this year we shall be moving forward rapidly in fulfilment of prophecy. I also believe that the present world financial crisis will precipitate the 'Mark of the Beast'. We also need to pray powerfully against disunity both in government and the nation, which the 'enemy' is using now with some power. We must answer with greater spiritual power, the Bible says that a house divided against itself will fall! We need a spiritual reformation in the Church with a return to Biblical Authority, otherwise God will by-pass the Church completely! Our praying last September has supported Theresa May so far... but only continuing prayer will prevail, the battle is not yet won, the fight has only just started!

To register for this free all-day event on Friday 23 March, Emmanuel Centre, London, click on this link:


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