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 I will not be afraid but believe
26/03/2018 14:51:33 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

'Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in You. In God I have put my trust; I will not fear. What can flesh do to me? My enemies will retreat when I call to You for help. This I know; God is on my side!' (Psalm 56)

Why are you afraid? That maybe the challenge to every one of us. From the very youngest to the oldest, I am going to ask you the question, 'Why? Why are you afraid? Do you really know Jesus, do you really believe Him?' This is what Jesus said to Jairus, "Why are you afraid, only believe." - Only believe, only trust Jesus. But how can Jairus' believe? It's too late, his daughter has died; he could have responded, 'an hour ago I was believing; an hour ago I was inviting You to my home; an hour ago my daughter was still alive; how can I believe?! It is too late, she is dead. There is no hope.' I want to tell you the Power of God is not limited. Whether it is in England or in Russia, or in America or China, the Power of God is not limited. There is nothing He cannot do. Jesus offers hope to the hopeless; help to the helpless; comfort to those with no comfort; even food to the hungry; sight to the blind; with Jesus it is never too late; if only you will come and believe that He can do it. 

I'll tell you the reason Jesus delayed, it was the other woman He healed; He didn't deliberately stop to heal that woman, but the woman was so impatient, so desperate, she said, 'If I can touch His coat, I am not even going to stop Him, I am not going to delay Him, He doesn't need to know who I am, if I can just touched His coat, I know, I know, that He will heal me. He WILL heal me!' Do you understand why Jesus stopped? Here was a woman who believed. She had been ill for twelve years. Spent all her money on the doctors. Nobody could help her. But she believed in Jesus. She believed in miracles. She knew if she could just get to Jesus, just touch His clothes, she said, 'I know, Oh I know I will be healed!' She touched Him. She was healed. And Jesus knew; nobody can come to Jesus except He knows; He knew, and He took the time to speak with her. If you will come to Jesus, He is going to take the time to help you. However many come, thousands or millions of people, the numbers don't matter, Jesus knows you as an individual. If you will touch Him, if you will reach out Him, He knows you, He knows who you are, and He is going to take time to help you tonight. 

But the tragedy is with Jairus. Because of the delay his little girl is dead. I can feel how his heart sank. It is too late. But now Jesus is speaking to Him. I want you to understand, Jesus is talking to every one of you here, whether you have had a lifetime of pain and suffering like that old woman, whether you are a father and a mother, or whether you are a child, I want to tell you that Jesus is speaking to you today. He wants to say to every one of you, "Don't be afraid, just trust Me."


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