21/12/2009 11:11:33 GMT
Written by SJ Morris

David Hathaway's ministry schedule over the coming months - click 'read full article' for details.


 Lithuania, February 2017
13/02/2017 16:17:32 GMT
Written by SJ Morris

10-12 February, David held meetings in Lithuania in preparation for a Day of Prayer for the Baltic Nations this coming October. This will not only be a celebration of the 500 years of the Reformation, but a call for a second Reformation, a return to the Word of God.


 Ukraine, December 2016
15/12/2016 16:00:19 GMT
Written by SJ Morris

9-11 December, David ministered in Slovyansk, Ukraine; formerly under rebel control, but still on the borders of the war zone. There is still no end to the conflict between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists.


 Ukraine, November 2016
02/12/2016 16:01:58 GMT
Written by SJ Morris

David ministered in Zaparozhye and Kamianskye (formally Dneprodzerzhinsk), 28-28 November. In both cities, David challenged the congregations to pray for Ukraine.


 Israel, September 2016 (Video)
06/10/2016 11:11:01 GMT
Written by SJ Morris

On Saturday 24 September thousand of Russian Jews and Holocaust survivors gathered in the historic Roman amphitheatre in Caesarea, Israel, to listen to a message of hope and encouragement.


 Day of Prayer for Ukraine
21/06/2016 15:53:08 GMT
Written by SJ Morris

On 18 June David held a National Day of Prayer for Ukraine in Kiev.


 Russia, May 2016
25/05/2016 15:14:42 GMT
Written by SJ Morris

In May, whilst in Kiev preparing for the National Day of Prayer in Ukraine in June, David also travelled to Russia for ministry in one of the largest churches.


 Ukraine, February 2016 (Video)
02/03/2016 14:35:45 GMT
Written by SJ Morris

In February David held ten days of ministry in Ukraine. The meetings were in preparation for a National Day of Prayer to be held in Kiev, 18 June.


 Israel, November 2015 (Video)
26/11/2015 14:42:14 GMT
Written by SJ Morris

On 20-21 November David Hathaway shared the Good News to 2000 Russian Holocaust survivors and their families living in Israel.


 Slovakia, September 2015 (Video)
17/09/2015 10:37:02 GMT
Written by SJ Morris

David's September ministry and evangelism in Slovakia exceeded everyone's expectations.


 Germany, August 2015 (Video)
11/08/2015 14:44:38 GMT
Written by SJ Morris

The Vietnamese Summer Camp in East Germany has become one of the highlights of David's spiritual year, this was the seventh year in a row.


 Ukraine, June 2015 (Video)
07/07/2015 15:35:04 GMT
Written by SJ Morris

In June David held a series of services in Dneprozherzhensk, Ukraine.


 Israel, May 2015 (Video)
12/05/2015 16:10:34 GMT
Written by SJ Morris

Monday 4 May - the two major TV companies in all Israel broadcast David's message live to the whole nation! This was a first ever in history! This was on Hot TV and Yes TV - the 2 major TV companies in Israel, the equivalent of Virgin Media and Sky in UK!


 Ukraine, March 2015 (Video)
16/03/2015 10:53:47 GMT
Written by SJ Morris

We need to pray for Ukraine. Only the gentle power of the Holy Spirit can mend broken hearts, bring peace and restoration.


 Poland, September 2014 (Video)
15/09/2014 14:42:32 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

We believed for the impossible, and because of the prayer that has gone up, the mission that we held 5, 6, 7 September was far more successful than anything we could have anticipated or hoped for.


 Germany, July 2014 (Video)
08/08/2014 16:08:15 GMT
Written by SJ Morris

Six hundred Vietnamese from all over Europe registered for the Conference. When David finished speaking 200-300 came forward to be commissioned.


 London, UK, April 2014 (Video)
02/05/2014 11:26:13 GMT
Written by SJ Morris

The miracle of Jesus is not just His death, but His life! He rose again! They saw Him! We don't talk to a dead man but a living Saviour!


 Sheffield, UK, March 2014
10/03/2014 15:37:37 GMT
Written by SJ Morris

In March David was invited to minister to Slovak Gypsies in Sheffield, UK. Their singing raised the roof, and when spoke the Name of Jesus, the hall erupted in loud cries of praise.


 Lithuania, Dec 2013 (Video)
02/01/2014 14:02:56 GMT
Written by SJ Morris

The churches in Lithuania invited David to celebrate the birth of Christ, 'the greatest gift', by holding evangelism on Christmas Day itself.


 Israel, November 2013 (Video)
02/12/2013 12:03:30 GMT
Written by SJ Morris

David spent three days ministering to different Russian-speaking Jewish groups in Israel: 28, 29, 30 November 2013


 Germany, July 2013 (Video)
03/09/2013 11:35:50 GMT
Written by SJ Morris

For the sixth year in a row, David was the invited to speak at the pan-European Vietnamese Summer Camp in Germany.


 Paris, France 2013 (Video)
03/07/2013 14:13:37 GMT
Written by SJ Morris

On Sunday 30 June David was the guest speaker at the Charisma Eglise Chretienne in Paris. We were astonished at the size of this Christian work, here, in France, the very birthplace of secularism and atheism in Europe!


 Israel, June 2013 (Video)
12/06/2013 15:00:32 GMT
Written by SJ Morris

By a miracle, for the first time since the days of the early church, the Good News about the Jewish Messiah, who came for Jew and Gentile alike, is being preached to thousands and thousands of Jews in the land of Israel. June this year was our sixth great event!


 Chita, Siberia, May 2013
31/05/2013 11:52:12 GMT
Written by SJ Morris

It was exactly 20 years ago that David was first invited to Chita, Siberia, and it was here that God spoke to him and gave him the strategy to win Russia for Christ. Now, May 2013, after a 7 hour flight from Moscow, we received a wonderful reception for the five days of ministry in the church.


 Russia, March 2013 (Video)
02/04/2013 13:27:43 GMT
Written by SJ Morris

It is more than two years since we were last in Russia, five years since we were in Perm. But God hasn't finished with Russia. What God began, He will finish.




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