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Latest Video Gallery: Experience the Power of Faith

In these short videos, which feature the anointed music of Vinesong, David Hathaway will teach you how to receive and experience the gifts of the Spirit in your life today. The real life of faith, the key to receiving healing and deliverance, the 'secret' to mountain moving faith, is in your relationship with Jesus.
(Updated every Friday)

One Minute Before Midnight (with Vinesong): I have learned after more than 60 years of ministry that God always answers prayer. And I want to encourage you. God never fails - He cannot fail. But to get the answer at the right hour we have to be ready, we have to be obedient, and God will answer - at the last minute. In my life God so often answers one minute before midnight. One minute before the crisis erupts. We all have many kinds of problems, many different needs, but I believe in miracles. Do you? The Bible makes it real simple to see miracles in your life: Jesus said, 'When you believe, all things are possible.' You don't need to figure out how God will answer, your sole responsibility is to believe that He will answer. 

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