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With God all things are possible (WebTV #171)

If only we realised and truly believed that with God all things are possible. Whoever you are, nothing is impossible, if you believe God. There is an amazing verse in the Bible which says, without faith it is impossible to please God. So, if you want to please God, you have got to trust Him. What is faith? Preachers can talk for hours about faith, but faith is simply trusting God for the impossible. 

People often ask me when did I first see miracles of healing. I've always seen miracles of healing. When I grew up it was a normal part of our Christian lives. We expected to see miracles. My Bible is very clear, it says, these signs will follow those who believe, they will lay hands on the sick, and the sick will be healed. It is so simple, if we want to see miracles we must believe. 

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Latest Image Gallery: Israel, September 2016

Israel, September 2016

Thousands of Russian Jews and Holocaust survivors gathered in the historic amphitheatre at Caesarea, Israel, to hear a message of hope and encouragement by David Hathaway. Worship was provided by world renowned music group Vinesong. This was the first time that such a service has been held in Israel.

Given the volatility of the Middle East, it is so important to share the Good News whilst we still can. David's message to Israel is simple: "You owe your existence to a miracle. Israel was born out of the suffering and desperation of the Holocaust. Your survival as a nation since then is miraculous. Your God is a Deliverer. In Egypt, God saw the suffering of His people and He came down to deliver. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will always deliver Israel, whatever the crisis. Come back to your God. Your hope is in Him, not in your military or your politicians! God loves Israel, He loves you, He sent Messiah to forgive your sin and heal your sickness."

Pastoral care is a vital part of our work in Israel. The local Russian congregations invite the people to attend the celebration, and they continue to minister to them afterwards.

Russian Jews and their families are now one of the largest ethnic groups in Israel with a population estimated at over 1 million; many of them made Aliyah after the collapse of communism in the 1990s. Israel now has the world's third-largest Russian-speaking community (outside the former Soviet Union), after the United States and Germany. They once suffered for being Jewish in the Soviet Union, now they suffer for being Russians in Israel.

Latest Video Gallery: Podcast (audio)

Weekly podcasts to build and encourage your faith. Updated every Monday (Subscription information below, or search 'David Hathaway' in iTunes)

Current Podcast: Jesus the Son of God, 24 April 2017 (8.28 minute audio)
I want you to understand the power and authority there is in the Name of Jesus. Power to heal every sickness - every cancer, every disease which is incurable by the doctors. Jesus Christ can heal you. Very clearly in Scripture, Jesus Christ is confirmed to be the Son of God by the demonstration of power in His life. Because of Jesus YOU also have power over every evil spirit, every sickness, every difficulty - every one of you. When the devil comes, call upon the Name of Jesus! When you are weak in your body, in the Name of Jesus be strong! When you are sick, in the Name of Jesus be healed! Receive your deliverance now!

'The Living Word' used by kind permission of www.vinesong.com

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Rejoice, Jesus is Risen! Easter 2017 (9.37 minute audio)
Rejoice! Christ is risen, just as He said. Jesus has conquered the last enemy, and that enemy is death. Death has lost its sting, its pain. When Christ rose from the dead He demonstrated there is life after death. Jesus was the first to come to new life, and because He lives, we can live also. To us, Easter is not death but resurrection. If there is one message I want to give you today it is this: stop worrying about your problems, stop being miserable, rejoice!

Worship by www.vinesong.com

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The King of Peace, 10 April 2017, (8.03 minute audio)
'God has given Him the Name which is above every name... And He will be called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.' (Philippians 2:9, Isaiah 9:6)

I love to boast about my Jesus. My God is the greatest, most wonderful, most powerful God in the world. And He loves you! Jesus is the King of Peace - He brings peace to those whose lives have been ravaged by war; peace flows to those who are sick and in need of a healing touch; His perfect peace will minister to your soul as you put your faith in the Prince of Peace.

'Prince of Peace' used by kind permission of www.vinesong.com

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Jesus will come into your home, 3 April 2017, (8.45 minute audio)
"Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone should hear My voice and open the door, then I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me" (Revelation 3:20). Jesus wants to become your friend, part of your home, part of your family. God is not just somebody up in Heaven; He sent His Son into the world to reconcile us back to God. What a miracle! God so loved you that He sent His only Son. I am not talking about religion, but the reality of who Jesus is.

'To God be the Glory' used by kind permission of www.vinesong.com

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Jesus is the answer, 27 March 2017, (8.52 minute audio)
I want you to understand that to Jesus Christ there is no problem He cannot solve. In your life today, God had the solution even before the problem arose; He sees the end from the beginning. When this Roman Centurion in Matthew 8 came to Jesus saying, "My servant is critically ill", Jesus responded, "I will come to your house and heal him", What an amazing statement, Jesus the Son of God, the creator of the universe, wants to come to your house and solve your problem! Jesus won't reject you or dismiss your need, He's concerned about you. Jesus wants to become your friend, part of your home, part of your family.

'Psalm 103' used by kind permission of www.vinesong.com

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Latest Magazines: №83 Весна 2017 Русский

№83 Весна 2017 РусскийЯ - евангелист. Мною двигает то, о чем учил Иисус - Царство Божье! Иисус грядет вновь - чтобы учредить Царство на земле! В нашем мире! В сентябре прошлого года я провел самые большие, со времени Деяния Апостолов, служения для неверующих в Кесарии в Израиле. Иисус сказал об Израиле, что когда вы увидите, когда листья смоковницы распускаются, тогда вы будете знать, что Его Пришествие близко! Матфея 24:30-33.

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