A man of faith and courage
21/05/2018 14:33:38 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

'When Jesus had come down from the mountain, great multitudes followed Him. And behold, a leper came and worshiped Him, saying, "Lord, if You are willing, You can make me clean." Then Jesus put out His hand and touched him, saying, "I am willing; be cleansed." Immediately his leprosy was cleansed. And Jesus said to him, "See that you tell no one; but go your own way, show yourself to the priest.' (Matthew 8:1-4)

In John 9, Jesus healed a blind man who did not even know who He was. When people asked, "Who healed you?" He replied, "I don't know; but there is one thing I do know, once I was blind but now I can see." It was only later in the story that Jesus met him, and for the first time the man realised who healed him. But here in this story from Matthew 8 we have the exact opposite. We have a crowd of people. Can you imagine, thousands of people surrounding Jesus. Yet there was one man in the whole crowd who was determined to get a miracle that day; and what I find so amazing is this one was completely different from all the others, not just because he was sick with leprosy, but he was a man of courage, a man of faith, a man with character. Why was he different? Because he came personally to Jesus. He was sick and there was no cure. He was an outcast, forbidden from public gatherings; the law said he had to live separate, outside of the town. But he was a man of faith, of courage and determination: "I want to be healed; I am not going to live in my sickness anymore. Jesus works miracles; He can break the curse; He can set me free." I can see faith growing within him. As a leper, he had a lot of courage. He came right up to Jesus. He fell down on his knees. He began to bless Jesus. He began to worship Him. "Jesus, You are the Son of God; You have all power; You can break every curse; cast out every sickness; You can set me free! Jesus, I love You. You are the greatest. You are the most wonderful!" Hallelujah!

Jesus has power to heal every sickness and disease. As you come before Him in worship, with a spirit of faith and courage, you will be cleansed and healed. 'Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go' (Joshua 1:9).


21/12/2009 11:11:33 GMT
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 Trust God's plan
14/05/2018 14:27:28 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

'You intended this for harm, but intended this for good, to bring salvation to many' (Genesis 50). Looking back over my life, I can see that God had a plan, He orchestrated each event; and even though at the time it didn't always make sense, God brought good out of it all, to bring the Gospel to many.


 Jesus is my friend
09/05/2018 14:49:50 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

I was sentenced to years in prison for Bible smuggling. When I had no food, I learnt how to pray. When I had no friends, I learnt how to pray. When I had no Bible, I learnt how to pray. I learnt how to talk to God in that prison. He was nearer to me in that prison than any time before.


 Alone with God in prayer
30/04/2018 16:24:26 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

Jesus always knows in advance what is going to happen. And on this occasion, He felt the need to be alone with His Father in prayer.




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